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What does SQ 805 do?
SQ 805 would end the practice of adding years to a person’s prison sentence for a nonviolent crime because they had a prior nonviolent conviction. Under SQ 805, people who are convicted of nonviolent crimes could be sentenced up to the maximum allowable time in prison for their crime, but would not receive additional time in prison because of their past. SQ 805 applies only to people with nonviolent offenses.
Why is SQ 805 needed?
Oklahoma is handing down cruel and unfair sentences for minor crimes. A second conviction for breaking into a shed can result in a life sentence. In Oklahoma an individual served 33 years in prison for writing $400 worth of bad checks, and a mother was sentenced to 15 years for stealing basic necessities and children’s toys from a Walmart. SQ 805 will limit sentences like these that are out of proportion to the crimes.
What will SQ 805 accomplish?
Oklahoma’s prisons are overcrowded. We give out some of the longest prison sentences in the country, at a great cost to taxpayers. SQ 805 will safely reduce the prison population and save nearly $200 million that could be invested in mental health treatment and services for crime victims.
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