Vote Yes on 805 on Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Register to vote by October 9. Voter registration applications are available at the Oklahoma State Election Board.

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Requesting a mail-in ballot

Request a Mail-In Ballot by 5pm, October 27

You can register for an absentee ballot online, or submit an absentee ballot by mail, fax, or in-person to your county election board.

Early Voting

You can vote early at the County Election Board office in the county where you are registered on Thursday and Friday before the election

Voting With a conviction

In Oklahoma, you can vote if you:
Are not currently incarcerated, on probation, or on parole and for a felony conviction


If you have been convicted of a felony, the original term of your sentence has expired or you have received a pardon.

(Example: If you were sentenced to 10 years of incarceration or probation, but only served 5, you must wait the full 10 years for your right to vote to be reinstated.)

All other eligible adult citizens can vote, including those incarcerated pre-trial and for misdemeanor offenses and those with felony convictions for whom the term of their original sentence has expired.